The 2 insights that changed how I approach my daily life

Welcome to a world of personal transformation and newfound insights! In this blog post, I’m excited to share two powerful revelations that have completely shifted my perspective on daily living. These aren’t just abstract concepts—they’re practical tools that have revolutionized how I approach each day. Join me on this journey of discovery and growth as we explore the keys to unlocking a more fulfilling and productive life together.

1. Being successful at work doesn’t equal being successful in life.

I used to believe that achieving success in my career was the ultimate goal, but I soon realized that true fulfillment comes from balancing both professional achievements and personal well-being. Work hard, play hard was sort of my mantra. But I didn’t really cut it for me. There had to be more.

Success at work is absolutely not a given for success in life.

This insight hit me hard as I’ve kind of wired (myself) to set clear goals, be ambitious, have laser focus, and invest time and energy ….when it comes to work. But what about when it comes to being a parent, partner, or friend?

I believe that this is where the challenge lies for true success: Managing both.

2. Magical productivity comes from slowing down.

Have you ever seen a professional athlete performing at maximum capacity every day?

This second insight completely transformed my approach to productivity.

And I’ve been a professional athlete myself, LOL. How could I have forgotten that? Bizarre!

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle, believing that the key to success is constant busyness.

However, I’ve discovered that true productivity comes from slowing down, taking breaks, and giving myself permission to rest.

I’ve been able to achieve more with less effort and maintain a sustainable level of productivity and creativity.

Bonus: way better energy while working and after work.

Next time when you or someone else answers the question: “How are you doing?” with: “Good, busy, busy”. See this as a cue to optimize your approach to life 🙂

I am a lover of life and its hacks. If you have one that I should know about, you’re welcome to reach out to me. I love to learn from you!

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