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And now, I help leaders, athletes and entrepreneurs like you, to hack theirs.

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I guide high-achievers to master success in business and in life

It’s a JOY  to meet you!

It’s no wonder that while everyone around you is celebrating you, there’s still something missing inside. You aren’t sure what it is, but the pedestal feels uncomfortable. I’m here to help.

The truth is, success means different things to everybody. You can be at the top of your game and still feel like there’s more to life, like your public persona and private lives are led by different people.

I’m a certified Executive Coach, investor, retired professional athlete, I hold a Master’s in Psychology, and am a trusted Board Member, Advisor, and Entrepreneur.

The ongoing story I see playing out with my clients is an underlying sense of missing something big. We are outlined this binary version of success from such a young age, that when you reach C-Level, Executive, or go Pro, you’ve made it.

You aren’t wrong, there is so much more out there for you, and the secret lies between those two sides of you. 




practising what I preach.

I'm a big believer in

I wasn’t always a coach… A successful career as an athlete transitioned to a fruitful career as an Executive amidst Europe’s Startup and Scaleup ecosystem, building companies from the ground up. I’m married to my teenage sweetheart with two beautiful children and a thriving business. I’m under no illusion that this is a dreamy life. That’s not to say that there wasn’t a lot of self-improvement, hard conversations and moments of deep self-reflection that got me here.

Those who know me, see me as a very light-hearted, easy-going kind of person. I love to joke and to find the joy in every day (and my guilty pleasure is watching golden buzzer videos on YouTube, glass of wine in hand 😅). Being a person predominantly focussed on the light, the stories of hardship and trauma that I’ve faced like so many others isn’t often seen by the outside world.

I am a big believer in creating the life YOU want. To not settle for mediocrity, and to manage your energy properly. To work smart, to break out of patterns, to reframe beliefs, to unleash the power of your mind, to define yourself in a way that excites and empowers you. To strive for fulfilment. I re-wrote my story through sheer determination, building rock-solid boundaries and self-belief, and I can help you do it, too.

Does this sound familiar? A lot of people look to me and think “she’s just lucky”, and there’s no doubt I am grateful every day for the life I’ve built, but there is a huge amount of work behind-the-scenes that most don’t see. It’s not about the luck. It’s about the energy sovereignty and boundaries and sacrifices made along the way, It’s the self-knowing and intuition trusting and (sometimes blind) faith in myself to make it work out. It’s about taking risks, with the knowledge that I know myself so deeply that I can handle whatever comes next. It’s about hard work.

You build up a hard exterior to match other peoples expectations of you. People see you as successful and lucky, like there is no way you could ever be unhappy because look at everything you’ve got, right?! Wrong.

I create a space for my clients to be vulnerable. To be witnessed, to be seen, heard and validated. We sound out their biggest ideas, their deepest worries and passions that have always taken a back-burner to their commercial drive or pressures coming from others… What once felt like a frivolous and unproductive fantasy suddenly feels fruitful, fulfilling, and feeds the bigger picture of creating their legacy, with their souls desires at its core.

We look inward, heal and transform so we begin to see the impact on the outside. What does that look like?

You’re able to handle pressure in your stride, you’re able to out-perform the you you were yesterday. You have an enviable level of clarity, joy and inspiration daily. You’ll reclaim the drivers seat of your life, making conscious, confident decisions on what’s important.

I’ve noticed this is trend among the people of influence, leadership & power that I coach, too…


Burned out from decades of hard-work, being scapegoated, pressure to over-achieve and negative inner-thoughts, I turned to therapy and travel. 2 years of therapy, a month by myself in Asia and regular brain check-ins was exactly what I needed to re-centre myself and focus on my relationship with my now-husband. I was harbouring a lot of trauma from my parents messy divorce and the home years that followed, so boundary-less communication and total transparency is something we have practised for 22 years now. It’s not always been easy, and in the mid 00s we even faced a separation for a year, but once the dust settled we found our ways back to one another. I did the inner work to re-wire my attachment style and the universe rewarded me with a best friend for a husband. Someone I can lay my soul bare to and have the same in return, something I never thought I’d have in the darker times of my adolescence. My relationship is my non-negotiable. It’s so easy to get lost in the rush of every day and say there’s no time to nurture it, but we create the time. It’s our fuel for everything else!

…and then came the hustle. I am no stranger to 60-80 hour work weeks and I worked my way up the ladder in politics, corporate (FMCG) and Europe’s startup/scaleup epicentre, built companies from scratch, and now run two businesses of my own. 

Just when I thought I already had it all… along came Benthe and Charlie, the two little lights of my life. Motherhood, parenthood in general, it changes you. It shows you flaws in yourself you were sure you had patched up. It pushes you to the edge of your mental capacity and fills you to your highest level of joy in the space of one afternoon. These little loves expanded my identity and have held up a mirror to the me I strive to be. They stripped away the masks, the show and the vanity and taught me who I NEED to be, for them. They teach me more about myself than any degree with honours could!

Scaling companies to success, being a Champion Athlete, running two businesses, raising children, maintaining a loving marriage, being a daughter, a sister, a friend, a coach, and anything else I have risen from in life, all of these things start and end with how I manage my energy. Thoughts and beliefs determine your view on the world and what’s happening to you, and when you’re able to sync your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy, you’ve hacked life. 

I’ve known hard-work since day one. Okay, technically since around day 1,460… From the age of 4 until I was around 18 if I wasn’t at school or at home, I was in the pool. I remember my parents telling me “You have a brother and sister, we can’t spend every weekend at the pool - if you want to pursue this, you’ve got to make it happen on your own.” I thought, ‘okay, no problem’ and suddenly, 6 year old me was cycling to and from practice multiple times a week. 
I’ve always been hyper independent!

By age 11 I had won around 60 state championships in a row and was receiving my second honours from the Mayor. I continued to get multiple wins for the Dutch national team and for years would train with the Olympians.

Those 5am wake ups on the coldest, darkest days taught me that talent wasn’t enough. You need grit, blind determination, a hunger that won’t sate until you’re doing your ‘thing’.

Back then there were no smartphones or social media. Instead of chasing likes or follows, my obsession was relentlessly working to shave 1/100th off my PB and being better than I was yesterday. It was thrilling! Don’t get me wrong. But it came with it’s burnouts.

When I was 15, I was in Belgium for a big swim meet. My family didn’t come as they had their own things to do, so I was focussing on my training and trying to maintain a good head space for the competition.

I understand the challenges that come with a complex tapestry of life because I’ve been there. The hardship and trauma as much as the success and medals, and how to navigate that in a way that feels energising, and never draining. 

One night, my coach knocks on my bedroom door and hands me a phone. What I excitedly answer thinking is a call of ‘good luck’ from my family, turned out to be the call that changed everything. My Mother was sobbing uncontrollably, pouring her heart out and saying things about my dad that completely blindsided me. I was in shock. She announced their divorce to me on that call, and my parents never spoke to each other again. My dad had left the house by the time I got home… and the call was unfortunately not about wishing me good luck.

What followed was a challenging decade marked by persistent difficulties and trials. It wasn’t long before I ‘had to stop’ swimming to stay at home and care for my brother and sister with a mother who was fighting her own internal battles, and the life I had laid out for myself had crumbled before my eyes.

I took stock of everything around me and decided I would not let this be my story. I was already on an accelerated path in school and put everything into my studies, I didn’t want this to become my life!

I managed to land a place studying Psychology at University where I was determined to graduate Cum Laude. I worked 4 campus jobs to cover my tuition, books, rent and sorority money. When you want something, you have to put in the work. And this is something that swimming has taught me. It was the BEST!

I had met my now-husband the summer before my Freshman year and somehow managed to keep that flame alive despite the crazy hours and unreasonable pressure I had committed myself to!


That’s the ‘stuff’ we unravel together to create true transformation,

freeing up limitless mental energy better spent on building your legacy.

That 5% of your inner monologue; the anxieties and insecurities 

that you never let anyone see but yourself….

Maybe you’re a decorated athlete, and those around you just see the glamour and awards but can’t relate to the level of sacrifice you made to get there. Whether it’s the big things like pursuing relationships/family or smaller things like missing out on your party years at college, there are fundamental parts of the human experience that you didn’t get to take part in. 

Patterns of self-sabotage begin to appear, stemming from subconscious fears of visibility, generational or even ancestral trauma around poverty and scarcity, and the internalised battles you face daily being in a leading position. Your subconscious brain ends up repelling your wildest dreams to keep you safe from danger.

You didn’t choose the typical path that people choose in life, you chose an extraordinary one. So why not have an extraordinary support by your side throughout, too?

True transformation requires increasing your self-consciousness. Understanding your mind, your beliefs about the world and about yourself. Bottling these things up prohibits expansion in an energetic and physiological capacity. Our subconscious brain keeps us safe from danger, so anything not worked on in the physical or emotional space leaves room for our subconscious to perceive our goals as threats. When you reach the pinnacle of your career success, you’re thrust into the limelight and often put on a pedestal.

Let’s just call a spade a spade here; it’s lonely at the top. Sure, you have friends and maybe a family too, but you spend long hours at work and by the time you shut off for the day, the last thing you want to do is to talk about work. Your friends don’t really ‘get it’ as they don’t really have those same experiences. You scale a huge business by day, internalise all that pressure by night, and repeat the cycle again when your alarm sounds at 5am.

I re-wrote my story, 

can I help you re-write yours?

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Claudia helped me to gain clarity and ownership of my life - something I so desperately needed.”

- C-Level Hypergrowth Company, Carsharing

“As a Top Executive with a family, and wanting to do it all…